Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Inside and Outside...

Our winter was so dry, that we are thrilled to be having some moisture now this spring! Most of us are anyway.... Booker does not like lightening, and we had quite a bit of it yesterday; enough rain to soak me, as I came out of the grocery store. That doesn't happen often here. Most people around here don't even own a umbrella, and we certainly don't carry them with us!

It rained again today. So it was a lovely day to be inside at the art center, doing some portrait practice. We had our first male model today, and he was a delight to paint.


Just outside the gallery, in the center's zen garden, it kept raining. We heard the steady sound of it on the roof as we worked, keeping time with the quiet classical music we paint to. What a lovely rarity, to have a standing puddle of rainwater! I had to capture it.

I did not paint a masterpiece today, but I enjoyed my painting time. We have only one more session before the summer art camp begins, so we will have to find other things to do and places to work through the summer. I will be in my own studio, hopefully. But I may occasionally stop the weaving just long enough to grab a willing model to paint from, as this has been a good challenge for me to do.

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