Thursday, October 31, 2013

As October ends, "November" begins!

We have had a few colder, stormy days here, which makes me think perhaps our house painter was right, and fall will be short, leading to an early winter.

On our walk yesterday, Booker and I saw that most leaves had been blown from the trees in our neighborhood.

I have been back at work in the studio. I have the cartoon and the maquette done for the "November" tapestry. I have re-warped the loom, and yesterday I wove the header and began the hem. I have the yarn selected and pulled out of the storage bins.

I am excited to begin this tapestry. It has some challenges inherent in the design. I love a challenge! The biggest challenge of this piece will be of color and value contrast. I need to get the dark areas dark enough that they read as true, pure darkness, without using a plain black, which I never use. (I always at least blend colors into the black, as pure black tends to look lifeless to me.) And I need the other darks to stand out enough to be seen, but to still read as darkness, as well. This is a night-time tapestry, and I believe weaving it will be as big a challenge to me as night photography has always been for me.

Although I may not be ready for winter, I am ready to begin "November," both the tapestry and coincidentally, the actual month! Wouldn't it be something if they ended together, as well?

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