Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Etsy Print...

I first posted this small painting here, though the photo I posted wasn't a very good one. I painted it several years ago, after an autumn trip to Maine. It was just an 8x8" square painting, and it actually sold fairly quickly. I decided to add it to the prints I offer on Etsy. (You can get to my Etsy shop by clicking on the link on the right.) The print is about 5x5" and is printed on canvas and double matted. I decided to offer it after I got to thinking that I need some new-to-look-at fall art hanging in my house, and I remembered how much I liked this little painting. So I mainly have had it printed for me! I can't wait to put mine out. I like to just perch these little pieces in corners of window sills, or on a shelf in front of books, and sometimes I don't even bother with a frame. Just a spot of autumn color to make me smile, and to remind me of a beautiful day in Maine.

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