Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things....

Maria von Trapp may have loved raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, and who doesn't? But I have some other things that are my favorites, as well. I do tend to form attachments to things that I use frequently. I do not like them to change or to lose them in any way. One of those things was my beloved Nikon camera, which, you may remember, I posted had 'died' at Thanksgiving. My dear husband (who is also a favorite) got me a new 'updated' camera, but I just couldn't make myself like it. It didn't feel the same as my camera; it didn't work the same. And I am not fond of having to read thick wordy manuals to figure out how to use something (which is why Apple products are among my list of favorite things: they are user friendly, even to those of us who hate reading user manuals.) With the new camera, I did not take one photo that I was happy with. So my sweet husband had my camera fixed, generously thinking he would use it and I'd get the new one. But I don't want the new one. I want my friend; the camera I took to Paris and to Maine, and that I have taken thousands of grandchild photos with; the camera I love the feel of and know how to get a decent photo from. It came home to me from being repaired and revived yesterday, and it is like having a dear friend come back to me.

I do have a few other things that I am equally fond of. I love my Taylor guitar. And I love my iPod, though I have not been able to form that close attachment with either my iPhone or my iPad, though I do find them useful. It is funny, the things we become particularly attached to. When I was a child, I would become emotionally fond of the strangest things; little bits that had no value to anyone but me.

Yesterday, I was busy with other work, but today I am back in the sitting room, weaving on my small Mirrix loom (which I am also quite attached to.) I got about 2 inches woven on Tuesday, which is 1/4 of the tapestry! I hope to get to the half-way point before the end of the week.

I don't know if you can tell what I am weaving yet, but I will tell you that it is an image of one of my favorite things; my beloved camera. I designed the tapestry when I thought it was gone from me for good. I guess it was to be a bit of a memorial. But now, it can be a celebration tapestry, because my dear camera is back!

Gus, keeping an eye on the world from his sitting room perch


Mary said...

I know exactly how you feel! My camera was dropped and bits broke off and other bits bent. I took it to the camera shop and was told that it would cost more to repair than a new one. I got talked into buying a new one. It is ok but doesn't work the same as my lovely Canon Powershot - apparently it was a prototype model that had the expensive screen that you could move around. Nothing in that price range has that anymore. So I gave it to my brother who put silicon around the broken bits and takes heaps of pictures with it. And I use my new one, gradually learning its features. Of course, my camera isn't as good as your SLR but it is still good enough for me, not being such a great photographer as you.

K Spoering said...

Before I had this Nikon, I had a little CoolPix, that I also truly loved and got some great photos with for a number of years. I hated letting it go, too (and in fact still have it, though it only gets a shot or two before I have to recharge or change the batteries, anymore.)

What I love about my SLR digital is that there's not that short pause between when you push the button and when the photo is taken, like my CoolPix had and my husband's old digital had. Especially with the grandchildren, by the time the photo was actually shot, the kids had moved. This Nikon works like my old film SLR, which I also used and loved for years (except for having to pay to have film developed, and finding half the roll to be useless.)