Monday, January 27, 2014

Update from my World...

I am a few inches from the top of the small tapestry, but I'm not sure it will make it into the local exhibit I had hoped to put it in at the end of this week. Not only would the weaving have to be done, but all the finishing and mounting work as well. And today is Monday. I get no studio work done (or very little) on Mondays. Monday is a music day; with a guitar lesson and planning for next week's church service. The two of those take up my afternoon and evening, usually until bedtime. I am always amazed at how much time the music takes, as it is one of those 'time flies when you're [making music]' things. Monday mornings are a time to do paper- and computer-work, and I have a few exhibit tasks to complete today.

I don't know if I have finished this painting, or if I have just given up on it. I have been obsessed with photographing dramatic skies for quite some time - years, even. So I decided to take one of the most dramatic and try to paint it. But it looks more like untidy curtains falling from the sky than an approaching storm. I have at least put it aside - again - for the time being. If I ever get it to a point of liking or finishing it, it will be called 'Descending Darkness.'

My chief critic is not excited by it either.

On another topic; I truly am loving having Sherlock back on PBS. I watch, and really like, Downton Abbey, but, for me, it is just the show that's on before Sherlock. Did you see it last night? (It is the only thing I think I would stay up that late to watch.) It ranged from teary-touching to out-loud-hilarious! Of course, I love pretty much anything Martin Freeman is in. He has the most expressive face, and isn't he cute? Who else could go from Bilbo Baggins to John Watson and be the absolute perfect choice to play both parts? It makes me sad that there will only be one more episode in this season, but what a weekend I will have coming up! The Broncos in the Superbowl, then Downton Abbey, and then the final episode of Sherlock! I will be in front of the TV more next Sunday than I usually spend there in a month! I'm stocking the snacks and actually dusting the family room to get ready for it.


Janette Meetze said...

I can't wait to see that small tapestry finished it looks wonderful! I agree about Sherlock Holmes, that was an hour well spent with the TV.

Anonymous said...

"Descending Darkness" --I like it. To my eyes this piece feels ripe for playing up the atmospheric depth, with the distant horizon light/bright, and the sense of the dark cloud being over the prairie/plains in the foreground, increasing the feeling that the viewer is standing IN the foreground with the darkness descending from above her/his head. Just my 2-cents. I'm curious: is my experience as viewer of this piece aligned with yours as the artist? Best wishes!