Monday, March 31, 2014

Branching Out...

As I was getting ready for a slide talk for the local fiber guild later this week, I ran across this image of a tapestry I wove 20 years ago. I don't have a good digital image of the tapestry, as that was before 'digital image days.' I just have a slide. I no longer own the tapestry itself.

I was amused that I was weaving branches already way back then. This was the view outside the bedroom window of the house we lived in at that time. I kept track of the seasons by watching this aspen tree that we had planted. The title of this tapestry is "Colorado Winter Morning." I remember that my main reason for weaving this tapestry was that I wanted to work on weaving narrow vertical lines, and the branches gave me that perfect practice! I also was having quite a bit of fun with color gradation, as you can see in the sky. All in all, I still like this tapestry. It is 42" wide by 55" long. It sold from a Montana gallery, and I hope someone is still enjoying it, and I hope someone still watches the seasons change in the branches of this tree.


Rebecca Mezoff said...

Beautiful Kathy! How did you do the verticals? A join? Sewn slits? I like the look of sewn slits but they sure do take longer. Just wondering!

K Spoering said...

This was woven so long ago, Rebecca, I'm not sure I remember. I probably did as I do now, which is a combination of both, sewing slits, but also doing a join every 1/2"-1" for extra strength. Especially on the long verticals.