Thursday, March 27, 2014

The End is Near!

This was my loom this morning before I began my day's weaving. You can see the top of the cartoon! And I have progressed some since then. My goal is to have it cut from the loom before next week begins. I will have two of my grandchildren here next week for their Spring Break, so will not have much studio time. Also, I will be speaking to the local FiberArts Guild next Thursday evening, and want to have a 'fresh from the loom' tapestry to take along, along with some finished ones.

When I remembered that I had agreed last spring to speak this month, I looked for (and found) the email to see what I had agreed to speak about. They had asked me to speak on "what inspires me." Oh, my! That talk could be either 20 seconds, or could last the rest of my life! I am assuming they will want something in between those two options. (If you are in the area and want details on when and where the talk will be, leave a comment or email me. I promise I won't ramble on for the rest of my life.)

Spring has seemed to come with the calendar this year, right on time! This is our remaining old apricot tree. The city had us take out the other one, as it hung too far out over the alley. It wasn't as productive as this one, anyway. If all these blossoms turn into apricots, I will have a VERY busy June! This tree hangs out over the sidewalk, and the city occasionally makes a few noises about it, especially when it is loaded down with fruit. But neighbors have fussed at them and told the city on several occasions how much they all love the tree (as do we.) My husband is 6'4", and can walk under the branch, so they have not yet made us cut it down. One of the city's arborists came out a few years ago to check it out and said it would be a crime to take out such a fine old tree. I hope they continue to send him! You can see the forsythia is also in bloom. The lilacs and the flowering crab and the quinces will all bloom before long! So I must get this tapestry off the loom, and get myself out into the yard and garden!

And while there... I will be pondering the next calendar tapestry, which will be (appropriately enough) for the month of April!

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Janette Meetze said...

This tapestry seems to be moving very quickly. I have always been fascinated with the tangle of branches in winter trees and lately have been taking photos of tangled roots. Hope you will show the finished piece, I will be looking for it.