Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Many Moons?

How Many Moons, 26"x36"

I am working up a sweat today. What? You had no clue that artists ever (let alone often) actually worked up a sweat?! Well, I, at least, do. I had pulled out all the tapestries I still own to take some along to the talk I gave for the local guild last week. So today, before I put them back into their storage place, I took some new decent digital photos of some of the older ones that I just had slides of. Then they all had to be re-wrapped for storage and put back away.... You know, some of you could just take a few of these off my hands and save me some work!

How Many Moons, detail

This is a very early tapestry, from 1989. It was from the era when I was teaching myself to weave tapestries and each tapestry was aimed at learning something specific. This on was to try to learn to paint areas of transparency. My maquette was actually a watercolor I had painted. In spite of the fact that this was a 'learning tapestry,' I have to say I am quite impress with how even my edges are and how 'perfect' the weaving is. I guess I was a technique-stickler from the very beginning (which probably came from teaching myself to weave from Peter Collingwood's academic tome, The Techniques of Rug Weaving.)

I have not had this tapestry out for quite some time. I need to pull these out now and then and maybe even hang them to enjoy for awhile. If only I had some wall space! For now, though, I will be offering this piece, and several more that need new homes and walls, at very low prices in my Etsy shop.

This, by the way, is one of several 'moon' themed tapestries I did early in my tapestry work. It is funny how these themes keep coming back to me... obsessions, I guess.

(Oh, dear! What a 'shameless promotional' post! I just hate self promotion, don't you? But this is what I am doing today, and it seems to be a necessary part of being an artist. Unless you are a former president, and you can just hang your work in your presidential library!   8-)  Maybe I need to shoot for that....)

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Mary said...

I very much admire people who can learn from books!! I need classes, teachers, fellow students. They provide the interaction that inspires me best. People who can learn from books amaze me - what determination, what good self-control (not the word I want but it will have to do.) Maybe self-motivation is better.