Saturday, April 12, 2014

La, la, how the Life goes on...

At this time of year, as the seasons pass out of the lazy winter into bustling spring, I find myself wearing many hats. And, sadly, I am not feeling that I am wearing them all very well. I think I have allowed myself to get 'overbooked,' which is often the case. When this happens, I just have to stop and reassess: Which 'hats' mean the most to me? Which fit me best?  Which do I enjoy the most? Which do I refuse to give up? And which are feeling a bit uncomfortable?

Last week I got to wear one of my favorite 'hats,' to play one of my favorite roles. I got to be Grandma to two of my precious grandchildren for several days! That is a role I would not give up for anything! It actually is one of the most creative and productive, and soul-feeding things I get to do. I learn so much from my grandchildren! They are all creative, clever, funny, and brilliant. (And I would say that about them even if they weren't my grandchildren.) Doing 'grandma things' takes me into arenas I would not otherwise go.  These photos are from an owl search hike. We found the owl, nesting in the same tree she'd been in last year, except the Audobon Society has now stabilized her nesting site with a basket, which she seems to have accepted quite happily. There are some great climbing trees on this hike, and Booker decided he could climb, too. (He was wrong, and he fell just after I shot this.)

The owls are not the only ones nesting. This Flicker and her mate called back and forth, as she sat at the front door of her tree home. We also saw her last year, with babies in the nest-hole.

We also sketched and went to The Lego Movie (lots of fun, that!) and the kids built a birdhouse with Grandpa and painted it beautifully for their backyard.


One of the hats I am not wearing well this year is my big straw garden hat. I do not have a green thumb, unless being able to grow the healthiest weeds and grass in my garden counts. Not only that, but each day in the garden makes me feel older and more achy. Alas, I do love a garden. My lilacs are blooming now and their scent makes me ecstatic! I would gladly trade a tapestry for some garden work! Do you know a willing barterer? If so, send them my way! (I did trade a tapestry for housework once, and it was the best deal I've ever made!)

I am sloooowly getting slits sewn on the "November" tapestry, and hope to share it with you soon. But I am also in the midst of exhibit season - shipping and delivering and entering - which is eating up some time. And I am packing to go be Grandma to my other two precious grandchildren for a week, as well. I can hardly wait for that! Must pack art ideas and supplies, as well as clothes for east coast weather (and who knows what that will be at this time of year.)

Life moves quickly when you are much too busy. I stop myself frequently on these busy days, and make myself sit with a cup of tea and my sketchbook for at least 15 minutes. Or I grab my guitar and play something loud and awful, or quiet and serene (and equally awful, tho' nobody has to suffer from it but me and the pets.) Or I tap out a post on my blog, or catch up with friends and family on Facebook. Life is precious, and too short to keep doing so many things that are frustrating and back-breaking. Next on my list is more laundry... but when that is done, there is a cinnamon muffin recipe begging me to try it out. And then some porch time with my sweetie and Booker. Life goes on, but I can make a few choices about how it proceeds.... sometimes, anyway....

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