Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Send This Artist to Paris!

This is another of my little 'Places I Remember' paintings. It is of Quebec City, in the rain. It is also just 5x7". It is oil on masonite. It is one of the little paintings I will be doing canvas prints of for my new project.

So... here is what I will be setting up, as a new Etsy project: It will be a 'Send This Artist to Paris Sale.' It will include paintings, prints, tapestries, and some other items I  have ideas for. Any purchase for the next 9 months-a year will also include a postcard from me from Paris, when I reach my goal of raising the funds to get there!

I have been to Paris once, with my son in May of 2012 (you can see my posts from there if you go to that time period in the archive list on the right.) I saw a LOT of that wonderful city in the week we were there. But it is something like having just one sip of le chocolat chaud; you just want more! I did not see the Gobelins Tapestry Workshop, nor did we get to Giverny or up to Montmarte or to Sacre Couer. And I could easily spend another full day in the Louvre, and I am missing the Lady and her Unicorns, and wanting to see them (especially the one that was out for cleaning and repair) again. 

So... I will soon set up my 'sale' and see how it goes. I will let you know when (and what) I post on the sight. Wish me luck, and if you have any ideas for what might do well in such a project, please let me know!

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