Monday, June 2, 2014

Play, play, we played all day!

Final Game Junior College World Series
 (... and a good bit into the night!) My family has been here for the past week. We had our two sons and their families here,, as well as my father-in-law, who comes each year to go to a week of JUCO games, which take place a block from our house.

In addition to a LOT of baseball, we went to a fun park and did laser tag, bumper boats (where this Grandma got very wet), miniature golf, and some hiking in the Colorado National Monument... or rather, they all hiked and I sketched, then drove to the end of the trail to pick them up. So we were very busy having fun, and this page in my sketchbook is all the non-food-related creative work I did all week.

But today, all have gone home except my father-in-law, who will be here the rest of this week. So my brain is ready to start thinking ahead to the work awaiting me in the studio. I have the 'April' tapestry maquette about 80% done, and I think I know how I want it completed. I also am thinking of the 'Send This Artist to Paris' project I talked about in the last post. I hope to get it up and ready by the end of next week.

Sometimes, all an artist can do is think.  It is an important task, though; this thinking. And I am glad it can often take place while I am doing somewhat non-creative but necessary chores; like catching up on the laundry (all those sheets and towels!) and re-stocking the pantry and refrigerator.

So that is what will happen today: putting my brain on 'artist mode' and thinking ahead so I'll be ready to begin the work again in the studio tomorrow, as least for a short bit of work. In the meantime, I will catch up on some domestic tasks, and this evening I'll reorganize my work space (as a couple of grandchildren slept in the studio while here) so I can get to work tomorrow.

Summer is like this for me: I work in bits and pieces; fits and starts. And the play time is such delicious nourishment for the work time!


Don West said...

Very nice sketch! Is that a Moleskine Sketchbook?? If so, how did you get it to behave with watercolor? It always misbehaved for me :)

K Spoering said...

Yes, Don, it is a Moleskine! I actually love the way the paper in them resists the paint a bit. I think it gives a bit of a textural look. I also like the creamy color of the paper. I do use a bit less water when sketching in the Moleskine.