Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Moving up the warp ...

This is where I am on the 'April' tapestry. I'm not as far as I would have been if I'd not spent a good bit of yesterday un-weaving, and then re-weaving the same area. But I am enjoying the process again .... even the un-weaving part. I am listening to Divergent as I weave, mostly because my 10-year old grand-daughter is reading the series and I like to try to keep up with her, though it is pretty clear that she will pass me by very soon. (Though she's not read Jane Austen yet, so I don't feel too threatened by her reading list.)

I have also got the "Send This Artist to Paris sale" up and running on Etsy, with a sidebar here on the blog, where I'll be posting new items in the shop. It is on the right, and clicking on it will take you there. Watch for new items at least several times a week. My current project is getting some card sets ready of several of my tapestry series. They will be available very soon. I also have some prints to get out to a local auction to benefit a teen half-way house by the end of the week. So I am spending quite a bit of time working again, and the house is dusty and accumulating pet hair and the weeds are growing in the garden, and all that is just all right with me.

Back to the studio.... woo-hoo!

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