Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A UFO and a FO....*

I have made a small bit of progress on the "April" tapestry, but, since we were away over the weekend, not a great bit of progress. I hope to move it up the warp some this week.  Too bad that my big loom is not portable! I would definitely move it up to the lake for the summer!

But, since the loom is not portable, and I don't want to start another tapestry on a small loom, I will continue to paint while at the cabin, I guess. This past weekend, I took up this canvas. I started it last summer (true confession.) I wanted to try using palette, or paint knives (which is the proper term, I have learned) to paint with. This was about halfway done when I just got too busy with other things to finish it, almost a year ago. It is on a canvas panel, 12 inches square. There is a LOT of paint on it; big chunky blobs of paint! I like that, but it was hard to finish it that way. I was clearly in a more generous mood with the paint when I did the first half, so I had to make myself replicate that, rather than smooth it on in my more usual, frugal manner. It was fun to paint 'chunky' and loose. I did not do any pre-drawing except what I had originally done with the paint knife. I loved painting in bright red, too! The whole experience (or the two separate experiences) felt 'juicy.' Like ripe tomatoes, only in paint..... if you know what I mean.

(Note: I painted tomatoes in this bowl once before, in a smaller format. The painting sold, but prints are available at Etsy, as you can see in the sidebar.)

*For those of you not up on crafting terminology, a UFO is an 'unfinished object' and a FO is, obviously, the more rare 'finished object.'

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