Friday, June 6, 2014

National Donut Day...

Who knew? Today is National Donut Day. So I am posting this painting, in celebration. Can't miss such an important celebration, can I? Maybe I'll even bake some donuts. Or maybe I'll just think about baking (and eating) donuts while I weave. Sadly, that is most probable.

The oil painting is called "Diner, My Shiny, Shiny Love" (inspired by Martin Sexton's awesome song of the same title.)  The painting is oil on canvas, and is 16"x20". It is listed in my Etsy shop, where I have begun my "Send This Artist to Paris sale."

And... speaking of beginnings, I have begun the weaving of the "April" tapestry, as the last of my company left this morning. I already have about an inch woven! I will post a photo of my progress soon.

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