Saturday, February 6, 2016

Up, and Down....

I've not much more progress to report on the tapestry. Maybe I'll take the Mirrix down to the TV room tomorrow and try to weave a bit during the Super Bowl. It will keep me from biting my already short nails as I cheer the Broncos on. 

Go Broncos!

This has been a 'down' week: a 2-day migraine, brought on by a big oncoming storm. Then the snow came and gave me relief for a day, but then I did something to my back, making doing almost anything somewhere between miserable and impossible.

I've pretty much added this week to my 'cut my losses' column. This morning I decided to take Danny Gregory's advise, and just draw what was in front of me. So the sketchbook got a quick sketch of my guitar/computer glasses, my tuner, and my pink capo, on one of the many pieces of music spread around me (always.)

I am doing the Sketchbook Skool Expressing online class, and this week's assignment is to do a watercolor sketch of my lunch. Too late, today. Maybe tomorrow.

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