Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Studio Tuesday, revived.....

Yesterday I 'reinstated' Studio Tuesday, knowing life does sometimes interfere, but hoping to keep at least that one day as a day when studio work is top priority for me. I have still been struggling with bad-back issues, so did not weave too long, but I did reach the half-way point on the December tapestry yesterday! Today and tomorrow are not days I can weave, but I hope to get back to the loom by Friday.

Gus has been rushing out the door whenever he can, to roll in loose garden dirt, so today he got a bath. He is actually a very clean cat, and I think the dirt rolling is part of his cleaning ritual, but spring cleaning applies to him, too, and it caught up with him this afternoon. He tolerated it, but it was not the best part of his (or my) day. The little sketch in my sketchbook was fun, though!


Anonymous said...

4.17.16......So with all those myriads of colors marching across your tapestry I have 3 questions:
1. do you try to keep the fell line horizontal and weave all the way across each time?
2. does each bit of color have more than one bobbin carrying it?
3. what do you do when you pick up the next color and the over/under is out of sync? do you just keep adding new lengths to correct or wrap and circle around the back and come up in the right shed, and if so, doesn't that mean it never really correlates into the right placement with each new row?
Thanks so much for answers leaping in cyber over to NJ, Janet K

K Spoering said...

Janet, I'll try to answer your questions:
1. No, I do not weave all the way across each time. I weave shapes, then try to even it all up across the fell line every inch or two.
2. I don't use bobbins; I use butterflies or, if the shape is very small, just small lengths of yarn. The colors weave only the single shape I'm working on at the time. If there is a shape nearby of the same color, I still will give it it's own butterfly or bit of yarn.
3. If I start a new color and it is not in the opposing direction of those beside it, I have several options:
- start another butterfly in the same color as one of the adjoining colors (usually the largest shape.)
- if the new shape is very small, I will just loop around the back.
- if there're not too many colors in the area I'm working on, I will restart several of the butterflies, to have them go in opposing directions, to keep the over/under in sync.

I hope this helps, and just doesn't add to confusion!

Kathy S