Saturday, June 25, 2016

End of a sketchbook.....

I have still been enjoying sketching guitar players from the Sketchy app. Here is how I work, with a simple line drawing to begin with, then added watercolor or watercolor pencils.

After doing a number of guitar players who are total strangers to me, I decided to brave-up and sketch the guitar player I play and sing with. It is pretty scary to sketch someone you know, and it is harder than sketching a stranger.

Even harder, is to sketch myself! But I begin and end each sketchbook with a self-portrait, like it or not. And this happened to be the last spread of my current sketchbook, so I added myself in my Taylor Guitar cap. My husband told me the cap and the glasses look like me. The rest? Not so much, according to him.

But another sketchbook is filled, and on the shelf! I already have a new, empty one, just waiting for me to pick it up and make my messes in it! 

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