Monday, August 15, 2016

Getting With the Program...

I plan to finish (sew slits, block, and mount) my two unfinished Calendar Tapestries this week, NO MATTER WHAT! Don't you just love that phrase: "no matter what?" I heard it a lot growing up, from parents and teachers, too polite to say the alternative 'come hell or high water.'

Anyway, barring the appearance of hell or high water (which is highly unlikely here in the desert,) I will be spending my time in the studio in the coming days, hunched over a couple of unfinished tapestries until they are finished tapestries.

I have my motivation now: an upcoming exhibit, which I will announce here in a more formal way soon, has been in the works to coincide in time and location with the American Tapestry Biennial 11, in Kansas this winter. I'm pretty excited about that!

I did a few more Olympic Sketches, which you can see on my Instagram site if you wish. But then I went back to musicians, whom I have more in common with than athletes. (Hearing a big 'DUH' from those who know me.) So here's the latest Sktchy sketch, which will probably be my last effort in the sketchbook until the tapestries are completed.

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