Tuesday, January 30, 2018

30 Faces, 30 Days

For the month of January, I have participated in a challenge from the Sktchy art app, to sketch 30 faces in 30 days. Each day, participating artists received an email with a tip from a mentor and a photo muse to sketch from (with an option to choose another image.) For the most part, I sketched the chosen images, as did most of the other artists. It was fascinating to see what different people did with the same face to sketch! It also was a challenge for me to see all the different media other sketchers used. I tend to reach for the same watercolors, colored pencils, and ink. But this month, I also used pastels, chalk, brush pens, and digital sketching tools. The last sketch I posted was a tiny tapestry.

It is a good thing for an artist to be challenged to do new things. Creating 'something new' is what making art is really all about, and challenging each other to do that in new ways is truly a growth experience.  

Doing this did pretty much use a month of my creative time and energy. Now I need to get myself back to using the skills I have found to do my own work. But, hey, thanks a whole lot, Sktchy!

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