Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Quarantine Sketches

3/12/20  My quarantine 'theme song' by Phillip Phillips

As I've mentioned before, I keep a sketch journal. It is filled with sketches that reflect what is going on in my life. With us now being under a Stay Home order from the Colorado governor for almost a month, and having Self-Quarantined for 2 weeks before that, my journal is naturally filled with  sketches of how the Corona Virus pandemic has affected me. I know that I am one of the fortunate ones. I live in a place that has taken the shut down seriously, so has not had a great influx of illness. My sons families both live in big cities, however, and our two dads (and ourselves) are considered high-risk because of our ages. So we have been very careful to stay isolated.


Even before this pandemic, my best friend and I have had a bit of a difficult few past years.  On this day, we discussed which of the '10 plagues' this was for us. Hopefully, the last one.

The quote on this page is from Emma, by Jane Austen. It is a sarcastic statement, by one of her silliest characters. So, making it, I make it sarcastically, as well. I do NOT feel that my 'resources' are such that I do not need the world. But I am trying; I read, I sketch and paint, I make what music I can on my own. But I truly miss the company of my friends and my music partner and audiences.

3/20/20 News is not good, and much of it is misleading

3/21/20 My current favorite cup, for endless cups of tea, a gift from my granddaughter
I have had days when sketching, or doing anything, has been just 'too much.' On one of those days, I just sketched my favorite cup, as I sat and sipped, and tried to escape the grey gloomy day - a day which I would usually call a friend to meet me for a cup of coffee. So I am having 'phone coffee' with friends and family now.  But it just is not the same now, is it? Especially on grey days, and our March was full of grey days.

I posted this on the Sktchy app, as the photo inspiration was from there. I commented with a funny story about myself, and asked for others to give me a laugh with their comments. The Sktchy community is lovely and supportive, and by the end of the day, I had a good bunch of chuckles, mostly at the expense of the artists posting them. Laughs much needed, virtual friends much appreciated!

3/31/20 another Sktchy inspiration
Music is 'in my veins,' (being raised by a music teacher) and it is certainly always in my head! My brain is like a jukebox that is never out of quarters. The song lyrics here ran through my head for several days before I did this sketch.  ('Helplessly Hoping' by Crosby, Stills, Nash)  

I was angered and horrified to see images in the news of young people disregarding social distancing, and being defiant about it, risking their own lives and the lives of countless others. I'm sure that has made this all last longer, and has made harder consequences, than if they had been less selfish. (And I know that makes me sound like the sensible, judgmental old lady that I am.)

4/2/20 Lyrics: John Denver 'Like a Sad Song'

Today's sketch, after desperation led me to cut my own hair yesterday. Believe me, it was necessary!

I have completed a small tapestry, which I will post soon. I have done a small oil painting. I have taken an online gouache workshop. I have painted over FaceTime with grandkids. I am 'attending' online church (which is wonderful, as it's with my son's family) and reading daily Lent devotions and prayers. I have knit a sweater, and started another, knitting both inside and outside. The days have warmed up, and I have planted flowers in my garden. I have baked bread and started a sourdough starter. I have a sweet and thoughtful husband and two cuddly kitties, and a big lazy dog to spend my days with.

But I miss being with my loved ones. And I pray continuously for this to end soon, and to be over when it is over.


Nancy Norton said...

Beautiful! The one where you are reading a book with a cat in your lap looks just like you! Thx for sharing.

K Spoering said...

I relive that scene a lot lately, Nancy! We got two kittens at Christmas and they are keeping us company and entertained.