Saturday, November 17, 2007

Creative minds are rarely tidy...

We've probably all heard that, or seen it stitched on a pillow, or whatever. That is true - not only of our workspaces, but of our minds, emotions, and moods. Creative people are notorious for untidy moodiness. I have been wearing my grouchy pants all week. My husband has had my sitting room, aka my "sanctuary" all torn up in a re-model. Banging, crashes, and mild curses, and worse yet, "Oh,oh!"'s have been going on in the room next door to my studio for the past few days, and weeks. As I've been trying to work. Now that it is finished, it looks nice, and I'm trying hard to get the grouchy pants off! Sometimes they seem to be quite a tight and comfortable fit, however, so it might take some real effort on my part. The holiday season is coming, too. So I must beware of exchanging the grouchy pants for my seasonal wardrobe, which has a great pair of Scrooge pants in it!
Well, I have reached my 4"/week quota this week (in spite of crabbiness and distractions), so will spend the weekend cleaning house. That ought to make it all better - if not with the 'process,' certainly with the 'product!' And I'll bake cinnamon rolls... my grouchy pants are too tight for cinnamon rolls! They always come off for cinnamon rolls!


lyn said...

When I, my siblings, & cousins were kids, we had an uncle that would sing a very irritating little song to us when we were in a crappy mood in order to show us how ridiculous we were acting (although no one likes to be told they're ridiculous when they're grumpy). Maybe he thought it would make us laugh, but it usually made us go elsewhere, feeling even grumpier, which is probably what he wanted all along so he wouldn't have to listen to our grumping & look at our crabby little faces....

Nobody likes me,

Everybody hates me,

Think I'll eat some worms today!

Big, fat juicy ones,

Little, teeny eeny ones,

Think I'll eat some worms today!


K Spoering said...
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K Spoering said...

Hmmmm. Would spaghetti with mussels in butter & wine sauce work? Kids would probably think that was pretty slimy and wormy, but it might actually improve MY grumpiness! Am cleaning the studio this afternoon, and that will help immensly, too.