Friday, November 9, 2007

Home again, home again....

We are back from Kansas. There's no place like Home! Dorothy said it, and I concur. I didn't take many photos in Kansas, so can't give you much of a trip tour.
Not yet in Kansas, we got to see the grandkids for a few short hours. My grandson likes his new hat I had knit him. It's from the winter issue of
Miss K "taught me" how a sloth hangs. At 3, she is quite into 'teaching' things to all we less-intelligent beings (and that includes pretty much everybody- just sayin'; she's one smart cookie and is not afraid to show it).
Coming home, I was amazed, as always, at Kansas from the sky. How did they do this... really?

And finally, there in the distance are our beloved mountains. My whole being breathes a sigh of relief when I return from somewhere and see the mountains. To me, the mountains mean Home.
I did not bring home much in the way of trip souvenirs, but my old high school partner in crime and I went exploring the outer regions of Topeka, which included several small towns and the Oz Museum, where I got these two magnets to put on my loom to scare intruders and work interrupters away. The top one has Glenda the good witch and says, "Now be gone before someone drops a house on you" and the lower one has the wicked witch on it and says, "Don't make me get the winged monkeys!" Love them both!
Today I am back at the loom, and must work on the face and hair of the figure in the Fall tapestry, so much concentration will be needed. So get out of here, all of you, before I call out the winged monkeys! (Just kidding. You know I'm really the good witch, but I have been know to drop a few houses in my time, as well. And I wouldn't mind a few of those monkeys occasionally.)

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