Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"We're off to see...."

Tomorrow we're going to visit my husband's family in Kansas. Kansas is where we grew up, where we met, where we married, where we clicked our red shoes together and left.

Kansas is the home of the world's largest prairie dog.

Kansas is the home of the world's largest ball of string (thrums, do ya' think?).

Kansas, believe it or not, is the home of the Garden of Eden. (The cement one - pronounced 'see-meant' - I know, I have been scoffed at for my Kansan pronunciation even recently.)

Kansas is the great American prairie.

Since we are flying this time, we will see none of the above wonders of the state of Kansas. So I will have to take my own entertainment. I have the new Jan Karon book; I have my grand-daughter's Christmas sweater to knit (as the World Series did not last long enough for me to finish it, OR for the Rockies to maintain their dignity); I have my sketchbook and paints; and I'll see my grandkids along the way and my best high school bud while there, plus a raft of Kansas in-laws. Unfortunately, the 6-ft. Shannock with the Fall tapestry in progress will not fit in the overhead compartment. Otherwise, it would be coming along! I'm just to the difficult bit of weaving a face/head. I HATE leaving my work at a difficult place... It makes it so hard to come back to! But, in about a week's time, I'll talk to the man behind the screen, click my heels together, and find myself not in Kansas anymore.

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lyn said...

Ha! Kathy, my husband Dennis was born in Eureka, Kansas & his family is from Perry & Enid, Oklahoma, & Arkansas. Even though he lived in many different places as a military kid, he still says "see-ment", as do I since I grew up in the South. Another different pronunciation he has is for the words "sundae" & "Sunday", so I'm wondering if you pronounce it this way also... he says "SUN-dee".

Love the sneaks; I have black ones that are similar, but I do not have fancy striped socks!