Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sewing slits and missing the ocean...

Today I'm finishing the slit-sewing (finally!) and blocking of the Rockport Skiffs tapestry. I should be able to post a photograph of it tomorrow. But, especially since I'm working with boats, I guess, I'm really wishing I were able to walk along the water's edge again. Or maybe it's the occasional whiff I get of all the shells, little driftwood pieces, and rocks that made it into my pockets. I filled a basket with them and it is sitting nearby, smelling quite ocean-like.

I've also been putting together some of the photos I took, to put into my Journey Book. I'm finding that I really am liking the woodcut look you can get with Photoshop on some of these photos. So here are two of them... to make you wish you could walk along the beach, too.

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