Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Life is lovely by the sea!

Our week on Whidbey Island is more than half over. It has been drippy, cloudy, and damp here the whole time - lovely, to a pair of desert rats like us. We haven't needed to use umbrellas, which is good, as I'm not sure I even remember how to use an umbrella! But we've both worn hats to keep the hair and glasses drier most of the week. I find I kind of like wearing a hat. Not so much worry about how awful the hair might be looking in the wind and rain.
I have taken so many photos, I've had to add my second memory card to the camera. Many are for my album, but a few are with painting in mind. Perhaps even a small tapestry will result. Here is the Coupeville waterfront. We are staying a short block from here, and we eat in either the red or the blue buildings every evening. Coupeville is on Penn Cove, and it is famous for it's mussels, which we've pigged out on several times. There are also berries for the picking wherever we go - my husband's hands may be permanently purple. So I'm sharing a picture of the best Loganberry pie I've ever eaten with you... sorry you can't taste it. Here's also a photo I like of my husband's distinctive profile as he looks through the ferry porthole. Just a few snaps of the hundreds I've taken - I'm sparing you!

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