Monday, October 8, 2007

Lighthouse tapestry...

I have decided that I will weave the small lighthouse maquette myself as my in-class demo for the workshop I'll be doing. In fact, I will weave it twice. The design is simple, but has some interesting challenges as far as which direction it should be woven. I've always intended to do a sample/demo of this, so now seems to be a good time. The design would have technical challenges whether I chose to weave it from bottom-to-top, or if I chose to turn the cartoon sideways and weave it side-to-side. So I will do both, so students can see the challenges each choice gives me, and they can then see the differing results. I always weave on two looms while teaching; one is strictly a 'demo' loom, to demonstrate techniques that I'm teaching them. The other one, I weave my own small tapestry during the times that they are all weaving on their own. That way, I can also show them how I face the challenges I face in following a cartoon, and making technical and design choices. So, the two cartoons I'll be using for my own small tapestries will be the one in the previous post, and this one. I'll weave them one right after the other. Since the workshop is 3 Saturdays, I'll have some home weaving time between classes, so should be able to complete them both on a small scale.

When they are completed, I'll post the results.

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