Monday, October 15, 2007

More leaves from the loom...

Here are some more woven leaves. I have woven 4 so far. There will be a total of 12 leaves; six up each of the side borders. As these are on the side edges, there are some pins showing, which hold the cartoon to the tapestry. Of course, as I'm weaving leaves, I'm also weaving the body of the tapestry. Knowing I have done only 2 of 6 leaves from each side, I realized I have only 1/3 of the body of the tapestry done, with a large-ish upper border yet to weave as well. I'm thinking my 'quota' of 4"/week is not enough. I will need to step up my weaving to at least 5"/week for some of the weeks ahead. But since I have 2 more workshop Saturdays this and next week, I'll probably only be able to weave 4" these two weeks.
The first workshop day went well last Saturday. There are 16 students, so I did not get any time to weave on my lighthouse tapestry, and I also forgot to take any pictures!
I found this cute poem today, and since it's about "weaving leaves" (sort of), I thought I'd share it. (The author was not attributed)

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