Monday, October 22, 2007

of Cabbages and Kings...

Well, it's now a Rocks vs Sox World Series! Woo-hoo! Will I ever get some TV weaving time in this week! I started the side-to-side version of my lighthouse demo tapestry while watching the last playoff game last night. Here's my World Series prediction: I will finish that tapestry and will complete knitting both of my grandchildren's Christmas sweaters. (Ha! You didn't think I was going to predict who would win the Series, did you? I don't think I would even go there this year!)

And now for breaking news in New York (and, no, it isn't about the Yankees manager problem.) If you go here and put in "tapestry" in the search space, there is an article about the amazing tapestry exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. Be sure to look at the slide show, on the left of the article. I am still trying to figure out how to get there to see it. I know it would be mind boggling, and probably even life changing, for me. I love this quote from the article; I love that the writer saw this: " realize that the tapestry — so anonymous, so enormous, so specialized — really comes down to one person performing a task: the artist drawing the design, the spinner spinning the wool thread, the weaver passing one thread past another."

I taught the second of three workshop days on Saturday. My students always totally amaze me! Being self-taught, I remember struggling to learn each technique. I remember it being a looooong, slow process to learn to weave something I could call a tapestry. But they pick it up so quickly, and are weaving away at little tapestries by the end of the first session! Here they are, working away - I am quite the slave-driver as a teacher! And speaking of driving those workers on, I must now do the same to myself. To the loom!


tapestry13 said...

"...and why the sea is boiling hot,
and whether pigs have wings."

One of my favorite quotes from L. Carroll!

Thanks for your comments to my blog about my new tapestry. I also love your skiffs! I'm enjoying watching your fall piece grow, especially fun to see the details and all the wonderful things you're doing along the way.

Happy weaving!

lyn said...

I was thinking of you last night as we watched the Sox win it, Kathy... I think during the series you must wear one red sock & one purple, & every night of a game switch which foot wears which color. That way, your two sons cannot say you are favoring either one's favorite team (if you are secretly cheering on the Rockies in your heart, you could wear purple underwear & not tell anyone!)

I also have to tell you I feel a little remiss about not telling you how wonderful your Skiff tapestry is until now (life has been getting in my way, lately, & you are such a prolific blogger I've been struggling to catch up on all you've written!). I just love everything about it-- the perspective of looking down inside the boats, the water, the calm stillness, yet evidence there has been some wave action because they aren't all tied up in a rigid row. Having grown up on the Gulf Coast, the scene brings backs lots of memories.

Weave on & play ball!


Andy said...

Cheer for the Rockies. I think Ryan could care less who wins. He wasn't even aware the Sox were in the pennant race until I mentioned it!

OzWeaver said...


I read the NYTimes article the other day also and copied that same quote so I could send it around to some of my friends. It was quite well put!

I plan to see the show tomorrow. If you get to NY please let me know. I would love to meet you, and probably a couple of others from the Wed. Group would want to also!