Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh, to be on Island Time!

Tomorrow we leave for Whidbey Island, Washington. I have been there before, but then I went with my painting friends on a sketching/image collecting trip. It was wonderful! I have great expectations that this trip with my husband will be wonderful, as well. How can a week on an island not be terrific? Even if it rains all week (which looks like a possibility) I have a couple of good books packed, a few magazines, my grandson's Christmas sweater to knit, my camera, iPod, sketching materials, and binoculars for catching glimpses of Orcas. We plan to eat seafood until we can't stand anymore - which will never happen.
Here are some pages from the album/journal I put together from the last trip there:

A sketch I did on a paper bag. I believe there's a poem inside it.

This is a small (6"x8") acrylic sketch I did of one of my friend's wading in the ocean:

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Carol said...

Have a wonderful, restful, and inspiring time. It looks and sounds wonderful.
The journal is great, did you make it? I am exploring watercolors and would also like to start a watercolor sketchbook/journal but suffer from blank page syndrome.