Monday, September 10, 2007

Sources... and more...

First, here is a Peace Bus that we followed on the highway before we turned up onto the Mesa where our cabin is. I Googled "Peace Bus" and found them all over the world - Australia, Germany, the Middle East, and a number of them in the US. But I didn't find this particular one. What I am wondering, since this one says, "Get us off oil" is what this thing is running on as it crosses the country? I would like to think it has maybe been converted to ethanol, but my husband the pessimist, just thinks it may be driven by someone who doesn't understand irony.

Anyway, I thought, since I talked about what inspired the things in the lower border of the tapestry I'm weaving, I would post the original sources of inspiration. These lower borders all have three items of flora and/or fauna on them. On the left side of this one will be the grouse (may actually be ptarmigan, but they're all called grouse here) from our cabin. Here's the photo I took last fall of the whole family, then the one that took of the parents, which is the one I'm working from in the tapestry.

In the middle will be three pumpkins. They are from this photo, which I took when we went to a pumpkin patch with our 'punkins' last fall. I hate leaving the cutest parts of the photo out of the tapestry, but there just isn't room in the lower border for them all!

On the right will be a squirrel, based on this detail photo of a squirrel in a large tapestry that is in the Cloisters Museum in New York city. I took this photo last fall when we went there with our Boston kids.

Of course, all of these things have been cropped, stretched to fit, and turned so that they will work in this tapestry border. But these are the places they came from, to begin with!

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