Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have decided that I need to be more confident about my work. Not just my tapestries, because I have quite a bit (enough, at least) of confidence where they are concerned. I KNOW that I can weave, at any rate. But with my painting... I need to come out of the closet or woodwork, or wherever it is that I crawl whenever it comes up and admit that, YES, I DO paint. Period. And, by the way, I LIKE painting. Sometimes I even really NEED to paint. That is what I'm feeling today - the need to paint.
It is pretty funny though, that my need to paint always seems to surface when I have this huge ToDo list staring me in the face: weave an inch today; do laundry and pack for a trip; clean the house; hydrate the cat; clean out the garden..... blahblahblah.
I guess my desire to paint comes from having taken two paintings out of my studio to exhibit. I have some empty easels now, and have propped blank canvases on them, and they are goading me to fill them.
Well... here are the two paintings I sent to exhibit.

The first is called "A Peace of Quiet II". It is of my lovely daughter-in-law in my garden. I admit that I really DO like this painting. It feels quite classical to me.

This painting is called "Mutual Admiration". I painted it from a photo that I took in the Metropolitan Museum last fall. I confess that I'm pretty happy with this painting, too. Wow, such confessions! I am getting much too bold, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

These are amazing, do you need a place to hang them once the exhibit is over? :-)