Saturday, November 10, 2007

Of faces and hands...

I did not begin weaving the face yesterday. I had to weave all around the face first, which I did, and that has given me the courage to 'face the face' (so to speak) today. I did finish weaving the hand, and am happy with it. Hands and faces are very important. When there is a figure in an image, the viewer's eye goes to the face first. The hand is pretty important in this tapestry, too. The title of the piece will be "The Gift", and the woman is lifting her hand up in a gesture of either receiving or giving something. I had thought about having something symbolic in the hand, but decided to leave it empty, and thus ambiguous regarding whether the gift was being given or received.

So today, it's the face and the hair. I've been looking again at William Morris's tapestries, which have, I believe, the most perfect woven faces. They are all woven sideways, however, and I'll be weaving from the bottom, up. Still, they will be nearby to inspire me. Aren't they beautiful? And they look so simple... Simply Beautiful.


tapestry13 said...

Hi Kathy,
Great hand! Thanks, as well, for posting the Morris tapestry faces...just beautiful.
I enjoyed the KS thoughts...just watched "The Wizard of Oz" last night on TV!

Happy weaving...looking forward to seeing the face and hair soon!

yarnplayer said...

The hand looks absolutely beautiful!

K Spoering said...

Thanks! Now I'm beginning to see I was not so wise to show such excellent face examples before finishing and showing mine, though!