Friday, July 11, 2008

Foggy: Illustration Friday topic

The day was clear, so she realized that she was the only one in a fog.

Self portrait with migraine. Watercolor pencils.

(Added) I didn't really like the drawing above for this week's topic, so am adding this digital image. It is of the oldest schoolhouse in Colorado - in the fog.

The boring tapestry is getting to a more interesting place. Thanks goodness! I literally had to nap after weaving a bit both yesterday and the day before. Sad, when your work bores you to that extent! How, then, can I expect viewers to respond to it? Well, in it's defense, the title of the piece will be "February", and who wouldn't want to nap through the month of February?


studio lolo said...

I used to lose several days a month to migraines. Ugh...poor you :(
Nice portrait in spite of it!

Connie said...

You can see the pain in those eyes which shows you what a good drawing it is, but poor you! (Do you need more powerful glasses; this happened to me with some tapestery).

indigene said...

The feeling puts one in a foggy mood! I remember migraines...ugh! They are truly the worst! Sending a cool summer breeze and healing waves your way!

platitudinal said...

How true, what's going on inside determines outer outlook. I am sorry of the migraine, but the self portrait is wonderful.

*That little school house in the fog looks quite bleak. I can imagine little feet reluctantly going to school.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Great drawing - sorry about the migraine. Thanks for sharing. Loved your paper doll "Katie"!