Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There ARE perks to being a tapestry weaver...

I've just discovered one! Since I have gone from two to four grandchildren's Christmas sweaters to knit this year, I have decided I'd better get to it. And, for some crazy reason, I chose designs (variations) that all involve intarsia knitting. I believe I knit intarsia once years ago, but have avoided it since then. If I were NOT a tapestry weaver, all these bits of yarn to work with, or to get tangled together while I'm trying to work with them, would absolutely freak me out. But, as I am a tapestry weaver, I am finding the process pretty interesting, and even familiar in a non-weaving, knitting sort of way.

And speaking of weaving, the boring tapestry has reached a somewhat more interesting (though far from jump-up-and-down-exciting) place. BUT... I ran out of a yarn that I had just had a small bit of, thinking it would be far less important than it is. So I'm waiting for more of it to be delivered, and, in the meantime, am knitting and doing a bit of painting. Since I quit at a more interesting place, I will be ready to get back to the loom when the yarn arrives. The maquette (design) for this tapestry was posted earlier in the year. If you missed it, you can see it here. (I'm weaving it sideways.)

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ringa dal said...

Hi Kathy,
You are brave doing intarsia. I really HATE intarsia knitting. Although I love two and three color work in hand. I guess each to her own. I usually design rows with patterns then carry the yarns.

I LOVE your boring tapestry; I think it is beautiful. Now if I could just make some time to weave between the carting the kids to camp, caring for chickens, gardening, the horses, ....