Sunday, August 24, 2008

and speaking of routines....

I've enjoyed watching the Olympics, and will miss them. They have been one of the better reality shows on TV recently. I am not really much of a reality show fan, but, oh my!... Look at what those girls can do!! I have to wonder though, what happened to the men's synchronized swimming event? I was really looking forward to watching some burly, hairy guys do these formations. But I guess the burly, hairy ones aren't allowed in the Olympic pool, anyway. Sigh. What we could've enjoyed! If you, like me, get to missing Olympics coverage, and what more entertainment it might have included, take a look at this.

So now that the Olympics are history, we will have only the Democratic Convention to watch. That will still be better than most reality shows. Can Obama perform the 'Phelps-ian feat' of becoming President? I will be holding my breath for the next few months to see!

I had my knitting in my hands for much of the Olympic evening coverage, but would get so caught up in what was on, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. Just finished the back and one and a half of the fronts of a grand-daughter's Christmas cardigan. Maybe the Convention will provide less excitement and more knitting time. I hope to at least get this first (of four) sweaters done. I used to love the old Conventions when you didn't yet know who the nominee would be, until after the delegate count. Now that was reality TV at it's best!! (Albeit in black-and-white... showing my age here, aren't I?)

To completely change the topic; I got my new Victoria magazine in the mail. There is an article about Quebec in it. In fact, there is a photo that includes the window of the room we stayed in a few weeks ago. (Lower left, 2nd floor window in the building by the edge of the page.) Wonder if we were in there when they came and took the photo? Even if not, it will be a nice addition to my trip journal! Nice article, and a lovely place to visit.


Carol said...

I with you on the Olympics and knitting, did more watching. Also remembering the conventions as a time of waiting for the delegate count, so much more exciting. OK and Paul Hunt on the balance beam, pretty funny stuff there...right down to the mannerisms.

Margaret said...

Great pictures of the synchronized swimmers! I too will be watching the Democratic convention this week. It looks like we will be seeing some exciting speeches.

I just got my issue of Victoria, too. The pictures of Quebec look so amazing--I live in Alberta but I've never gone to Quebec. I guess now I'll have to! It looks lovely.