Saturday, August 16, 2008

Experimenting again...

I got some palette knives while on vacation, plus some small gessoed masonite boards to try painting on. I have been doing oils for such a short time, I have only ever painted on canvas, and with brushes. But I saw a lot of paintings in galleries that I loved which were obviously done with knives, and were not on canvas. So I did this very small painting the past couple of days. It is 5"x7", on masonite, and partially painted with knives. I need a smaller knife (and a little more expertise with it) to do detail bits.

The painting was done from an intentionally blurry photo I took on the Terrasse Dufferin on top of the city wall in Quebec City. It was a rainy night, and I wanted to work from a blurred photo so I wouldn't get caught up in details, which is one of my vices. The painting doesn't look bad, if you see it from a distance. So walk across the room, turn and take a look at it and let me know what you think.

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Margaret said...

I really like it, Kate! I like what you did with the light (especially the light on the pavement). It has a great impressionist quality about it. Lovely! I wish I could do that!