Friday, August 8, 2008

Home again...

We have been gone for the past two weeks. I filled two 128 MB camera memory discs twice each. Most are photos of grandchildren, which I will not force on you. (Well, maybe a couple of them, as they are soooo cute.)

Some of the photos I took are ones I shot with a thought that I might want to paint from them, or put some part of them into paintings, maybe even leading to tapestries. But most are just of beautiful Quebec City, which is celebrating it's 400th birthday this year, so I'll share some of those with you.

We were amused to see hundreds, perhaps thousands, of "Moose Caution" signs as we drove through New England and Quebec. Most were similar to the one I photographed, but some added things like "Moose next 6 miles" or "Moose on Highway." Some even had flashing lights. My favorite was "Attention! Moose." In spite of all the signs, the moose were not paying attention, and refused to come out onto the highway to pose for me, so the two moose photos are from museums we went to in Denver and Boston on the very first and last days of our trip, each with different pairs of grandkids.)

I did also get to see some good art: two lovely tapestries, one (with burro detail shown) in a Quebec museum, and a Morris & Co. tapestry in the Boston MFA. The MFA also has a wonderful (but small) Winslow Homer exhibit up now.

So that's my trip in a nutshell, or rather in a digestible blog post. Tonight I will sit in front of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and will start my own Olympic Speed Knitting trials. And much much much is awaiting my attention tomorrow... including the tapestry on the loom, as my needed yarn arrived while I was away.


Margaret said...

I'm glad you got to see a couple of tapestries! Out of curiousity, which museum were you in? Is the Morris and Co. tapestry part of a permanent collection?

K Spoering said...

Yes, it is. It's called "Greenery". You can see the complete image of it on the MFA website if you do a search for it on their website ( You can even send it as an ecard.