Monday, September 8, 2008

Cups and Students exhibit...

The exhibit at the local Presbyterian Church has been hung, and I went today and shot some photos. The exhibit is basically the same exhibit of my work that hung last winter at Barnes and Noble, and the work of my local tapestry students from the workshop I taught last fall. That is what they requested.

First, I have to say that, though I am not a member of the Presbyterian Church, I truly appreciate the support they give art and creative gifts. Our Presbyterian Church here is where the local fiber guild meets, and other art organizations meet there as well. The building has a lovely gallery space, and they host a changing exhibit every month. They have invested in skylights, for natural lighting in the space, and they have one of the nicest hanging systems I have seen in any gallery space. The Presbyterian Church also owns Ghost Ranch, in New Mexico. My several times of teaching there have been lovely experiences! So I just want to 'go on record' for my appreciation of their understanding and support of the creative gifts as coming from God, and as needing to be supported as such.

The mosaic at the side includes the work of my students. Please click on it to enlarge it, and take the time to scroll down and look at the pieces. I am very proud of their work! These are first tapestries for most of them. In fact, except for some Navajo weaving, I believe they are first pieces for all of them! Aren't they wonderful?

The photo above shows how beautifully the exhibit is hung...(Tho' the photo makes them look unevenly spaced, which they are not, and poorly lit, which they are not.) The paintings and photos are some of the small ones I have hanging. The larger pieces and a number of my small tapestries hang on other walls. I also have the small tapestries of my two pets hanging together for the first time! Possum on the left, and Wooster on the right:

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Margaret said...

The exhibit looks lovely. I wish more churches took an interest in art!