Monday, September 22, 2008

Yes, but should it be a tapestry?

As I work in my studio, at the easel rather than at the loom, I have been debating with myself about rather or not the design that is calling me to weave it really 'deserves' to be a tapestry.

I generally have a firm reason for weaving a design. My work also generally tells some part of 'my story' in it. In fact, even if I do not intend it to, I guess it always tells my story. For example, the piece I just finished (which I swear and promise I'll post this week) was one that, like the design I am considering now, did not seems to have any real story or meaning to it, but I think now that it does. I look at it now and it looks just like I felt when I designed and began weaving it.

So, here is what I am considering weaving:

It is a composite of the little oil sketches I have done for the class I'm taking. I would weave them as they are shown here; as four separate sketches together on a white ground. I would weave it to be 18x18", as that is what the warp left on my loom measures, and I am finding that size to be quite appealing, for some reason. I have been thinking of it as "Three Pears and an Apple", but since the last tapestry is called "February" I may just call this one "September." Actually, I like that idea: a bit of a woven journal. If, in February I saw the world as colorless and felt isolated, in September I am filling little canvases (and my tummy, by the way) with colorful local fall fruit.

The design keeps calling me to the loom, though I can't right now say why. I just want to weave those colors; to see if I can create those soft lost edges. Perhaps just because I want to see it woven and to sit at the loom and weave it are enough reasons to create it as a tapestry....?


Pam said...

You said it all in the last paragraph Kathy....I think those soft edges would be both challengeing and delightful to weave...go for it!


J. Austin - said...

Gorgeous fruits! Gorgeous paint!

If you're inspired to weave it, then it should be a tapestry. Not surprising I should say that, as my tapestries come mainly from my paintings.

I think it's really fun to figure out how to translate, and you never know what new tapestry marks will appear. Go for it!

K Spoering said...

Yes, Pam and Jan, that's the challenge: how will this look in the medium of tapestry? And what fun colors to pull off my shelves after weaving something that was monochromatic!

T Scanlin said...

Beautiful fruit studies, Kathy!
BYW, you might want to take a look at Dianne Mize's blog here--
She does small paintings daily. Her blogs and also her website are full of great inspiration and information about composition and design. I've enjoyed visiting her spots often...and had a critique session about my tapestry work earlier in the year with her, as well.