Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

I finished the apple and the first pear yesterday. I am pretty happy with the apple. The lost and found edges worked pretty well with it. I don't expect to get much weaving done this morning, as I intend to be watching the inaugural events. Tissues ready for President Obama's speech. I believe a man who can bring us to tears with his words can find and soften the hardened heart of America. I have great hopes for us under his leadership. Today is the first day of a better time for our country. Let's all get behind this president and make it happen!
Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. ~Barack Obama


Miss 376 said...

The apple is gorgeous, love the way you have caught the light. Could judt pick it up from the canvas

mdsol said...

Oh I'm so happy. Today is a very important day. For the American people and for all the world! Indeed!

Your work is beautiful! Congratulations


T Scanlin said...

I love the apple and pear--especially like to see them in close-up; they're so weaverly! And moving from a painterly sketch, you've translated these just beautifully.

Happy day.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday 1/21/09 8:03am The apple and pear look so good....you said in a previous post that you used the same palette....I paint also and the aha that makes them realistic is your use of complementary colors---the green in the red and the orange in the blue...your art knowledge always enhances your tapestries and I enjoy recognizing the juxtapositions...from Janet on the Atlantic Coast

Suzy B. San Diego said...

I often peek here just for good feelings and inspiration! thank you once again.

I will now go back to my long ago warped Mirrex and get back to work on the little blue heart...thank you once again.

We are in a good place when weavers can weave, painters can paint, and our top leader is a gentle, even-tempered, well-reasoned, kind, and happy soul!

Thanks for keeping up this blog!

K Spoering said...

Thanks for all your good words, and for celebrating our new president with me! It can be lonely here in my solitary studio, and your comments make me feel like I have company! (The best kind of company, too - company I don't have to clean up for!)