Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Peppermint tea...

I have had the tummy bug that seems to be going around here for the past few days - hence the peppermint tea. And, yes, that is a piece of candy cane in the tea. One must do whatever it takes on a day like today! We also have a weather inversion sitting over our valley, that keeps it c..o..l..d and grey outside, and also makes air quality very bad, making everyone crabby, as it's like living in a cloud of smog. I know, I know, some people live with grey skies most of the time, and they have my sympathy. But here in our desert valley, we are used to sunshine, and we don't deal well with inversions.

In spite of how I felt yesterday, I did sit at the loom and weave a bit. Here's what I got done, as I creep slowly toward the line that is this week's goal. I'm going at warp speed here... and whoever thought warp speed was fast, well, they just don't know warp speed now, do they?


Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Both the cup of tea and the tapestry look inviting, Kathy! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thursday 1/8/09 8:43am ...feel better soon...hope it is not the salmonella that's been on the national news hitting in several states....and don't let Good Boy Wooster catch it....thank you for the ongoing photos of this little tapestry....I am drinking it up....looking at every new bobbin--which way it's going--the interplay of colors--very instructive....from Janet on the East Coast whose vet said that sometimes dogs and their people can trade viruses