Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back home... and gone away for good...

I am home again from a week with my parents, which included a quick trip to San Jose to the Connections opening. While I was gone, two of my early tapestries sold at the local Art Auction, to benefit the Western Colorado Center for the Arts. With times so difficult for Art organizations right now, I couldn't say 'no' to their plea this year. It is an auction to benefit the center, but it benefits the artists as well, as 60% of the sale comes back to the artist. The tapestries were beyond exhibition age, and I decided I would rather have them on someone's wall, than rolled up in my storage closet for who-knows-how-many years, so I was willing to risk a bit of a loss on them. They did OK for themselves in the auction, though they did not, of course, sell for full value.

They are "The Hunt" (above), which I wove after a series of work that was so colorful, I just couldn't deal with color for a bit. So this was a 'de-sensitizing' piece for me, I guess. I also was playing with using lazy lines (un-sewn slits) as a design element in this piece.

This piece is "The Yellow Canoe." It is from a camping trip with my brother's family at Kentla Lake in Glacier National Park, in Montana, where he lives. My husband and my brother are in the canoe, so now, in addition to selling my son, my parents, my siblings, myself, and my daughter-in-law, I have sold them too! In my house, pretty much everyone makes it to the marketplace.

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