Friday, May 29, 2009

Going with the flow....

Yesterday I did not get any painting to speak of done. For Mother's Day, my husband got me a new cookbook. In his defense, it is the first cookbook he's ever gotten me, and he got it because we had watched the author's TV show on Create! and everything she made looked wonderful! It is a 'Latin Flavors' cookbook, and we had watched her make flan, which I especially wanted to try. So at about 1:00 I started to make the caramel for the flan. I was to go paint with the Alzheimer's patients at 3:00, and figured I'd have plenty of time, even though the cookbook said to 'be patient' in making the caramel. It didn't say that 'patient' meant that it would take an hour-and-a-half for it to go from sugar to caramel!!!!! (Constant attention and stirring required.) If you click on the photo above, you can see that Bugs Bunny on my teakettle is finding my frustration very amusing! Needless to say, I threw the flan in the oven just in time to grab my bag and run out the door to paint - without make-up or combed hair. The flan turned out fine, though, and was even better for breakfast this morning.

I also made the Garlic Chicken, which, if you like garlic (and we do!) was delicious! And easy.... though it used 10 cloves of garlic for 4 servings, so I had to put the fan on to air out the house later.

After dinner, we went again to JUCO. It was finally baseball weather! Clear skies, we had a view of reflected sunset on the Grand Mesa from our seats, the crowd was great, and 'our team' won!

Today, I need to finish framing the gallery pieces, and paint a bit. After all, we have leftovers, so no slaving over the stove for the day!


Jennifer said...

Oh I used to make homemade carmels and it' was easily a 2 hour process to make the carmel and then another hour after it cooled to cut and indiviually wrap. I used to have a songbook with me while I stirred! Lots o' work, but wonderful treats!

At least you were running to see Alzheimer's patients without make-up or comes hair! It's possible they will never remember seeing you - or it will be the one thing they will talk about for the rest of their lives! ;-)

K Spoering said...

I have a little TV in my kitchen so was watching cooking shows, but as one half hour program became THREE, I was getting a bit concerned that something was very wrong. Next time I'll know better - or maybe next time I'll just go get a slice at a local Mexican restaurant.