Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gus, gooseberries, and more

I have finished one more of the child &/or baby sweaters I am doing. This one is garter stitch, in a stretchy cotton nubbly yarn. I've used the yarn before, and love how it knits, how it feels, and it's easy care. But the sweater wasn't all that exciting when I got the knitting done, so I added the flannel flower patches to make it cuter.
Otherwise, I'm almost done with the Project Linus blanket, though I had to go get one more skein of yarn yesterday to finish it up. I have several other sweaters in progress; a front or two here, a couple of backs done, and several sleeves on the needles. When I get tired of working on one, I grab another. Booker is learning that my knitting is MINE, but I don't trust him enough to leave it lying around in reachable places. Not after he ate that baby sweater sleeve, and I had to knit another one!

As for Gus and the gooseberries; I've not been taking as many photos lately, but the other day as I was picking up the 3,ooo,000th crabapple from under the tree, I noticed how pretty the gooseberry bush is. I love it's subtlety in color. Not at all like it's lack of subtlety in taste!

Gus was watching from the kitchen door. Since I had the camera in hand, he got shot, too. See the trees reflected? All of those leaves are down now, and this was just taken the other day. Gus is cracking me up lately! He makes this long sound that sounds just like SNL's Mr. Bill saying "Nooooooo!" And he seems to always time it just right, too. When I'm getting after Booker for grabbing a sock or shoe and running with it, Gus will be saying "Nooooooo!" in the background. If only Booker would listen!

Still weaving... almost there! My thoughts are racing ahead to the portraits I need to paint when I get the tapestry woven.


Jennifer said...

What a happy sweater! And Gus' "Noooooooo!" It does make you wonder if he's interacting with Booker's training. We had a parakeet growing up the said lots of things, but my mother realized something when he'd call out my then 3 yesr old sister's name very loud, fast and sternly!

Theresa said...

The gooseberry leaves are pretty and unusual shape too. Maybe Gus will start alerting with NOOOOOO that Booker is about to get into mischief?
The sweater is adorable, and one of my favorite colors too.