Saturday, November 14, 2009

Illustration Friday: Unbalanced

I did this little digital image this morning for the IF topic, 'Unbalanced.' There are several stories that created this image. Neither are really 'up' stories, and both probably illustrate my own lack of balance!

When I was young (aha! Story #1 begins!) in the summer between second and third grades, I had told my older sister that I could fly. Such a secret, I now know I should have kept to myself! When she and a friend got me on a teeter-totter, they decided to hold me 'up' and make me fly down to prove myself. They held me up a loooong time, and I finally jumped off, landing on a rock and breaking my arm. Of course, the truth was that I couldn't fly in front of them and under such stress.... that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

The other thing that motivated this image is a current one. Having just completed a tapestry and a group of paintings for an exhibit, I have been experiencing the mood crash that comes from depleting myself, creatively. I am not 'up' but sitting heavily at the other end of the see-saw. In other words, feeling quite unbalanced! Having experienced this crash many times before, I know that I need to fill myself back up with inspiration somehow, and move on to a new creative project. The studio is clean, and the portraits are drawn up, so I will pick myself up and begin again. Back to the drawing board......!!!


Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

I know that bottom side of the see-saw, too. Hang in there--you'll be on the rising side soon, I'll bet.

Amber said...

Well if it's any comfort, know that your art is up-lifting and inspiring to people who view it. I think it's pretty cool that I have such a talented artist for an aunt. I'll have to tease Mom about being so mean to you. ;)

Jennifer said...

Just take it as the time of rest and know that you will come back again soon. I saw this quote recently:

On the day that you finish your rug, you are not supposed to start another one. But within 4 days, you are supposed to string up the nanoolzhee' [warp] for the next one. -- Navajo Weaver, Tuba City

From Navajo Weaving Way: The Path from Fleece to Rug
by Noel Bennett & Tiana Bighorse

Shirley said...

Wonderful post. I hope you are "up" again very soon. I think your illustration is fantastic too. There's something amazing about a clean I know you will get right back to your art. All the best to you.

Julia Kelly said...

love catching up with your blog- and your puppies-
don't be guilty about your need to let your mind/muse wander a bit- you know the well will be filled again with new intrigues and ideas soon enough!