Thursday, November 5, 2009

Moon rise...

Did you see the moon last night? It was spectacular! Here's a photo I shot of it, enhanced for my grandkids with the words of a song that I sing them. My oldest grand-daughter would sing it along with me before she was a year old. It's one of my favorite memories, so when I see a huge full moon, I have to sing the song.

I still am not able to get good night shots. My husband looks at the Astronomy Picture of the Day website, and sent me a link to this photo of the moon. Evidently it took two merged shots to create it (yea, Photoshop!). Isn't it lovely?


Carol said...

Yes, I did see the moon last night and also took a picture. It was beautiful. We had some pink haziness, clouds I guess, beautiful in any case. But all I have is a little digital and night shots are so hard, I basically can't breath or I get a line of light.

Jennifer said...

What a great picture - what a great song - what a great story about your granddaughter that brough a sigh to my heart!

I LOVE Astronomy Picture of the day - thanks for reminding me of it!