Friday, March 18, 2011

Maquette progress...

I have been working on the background for the left half of the nativity tapestry. I had thought about putting a variety of flowers in the background, mille fleurs style. But then I decided to simplify it to just Easter Lilies, for both symbolic and aesthetic reasons. This half still has the bottom border and the upper border to finish, but I think I need to complete the main central portions of both panels first. The upper and lower borders will tie the two panels together, so need to be done at the same time.

Right now, I am happy enough with the design of this portion to leave it alone until the client sees it (hopefully next week.) I have also, though, done a version in the computer with added halos on the figures, which will give the client another option. As I look at the images on the computer, I see I already want to do something about the lily that seems to sit on Mary's head. That is the advantage of looking at something in another way - I see things I don't notice when I am focusing so close on it at the easel!

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Mary said...

I hadn't noticed the lily in the first picture but now that you have mentioned it, I can't stop seeing it. It is always interesting to see things in another context. I have used the security peephole for putting in your door to look at quilts and things pop out that I hadn't noticed before.
Lovely image, very loving.