Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today's news...

This was in today's paper. Oh, yeah, baby. Truth, sister.

And this has been causing the turmoil on my easel. The wine industry is BIG here. We have the perfect climate for grapes and the vineyards (and wineries) are taking over what used to be fruit orchards. The special exhibit in the gallery this month is a Winefest exhibit. I had begun this painting to put in the special show. BUT, I haven't been happy with it from the get-go. (OK. I'm from the mid-west. I can say 'get-go.') I had a wild suspicion I would have trouble with it, because the photo that inspired it was flat out garish in color. So the painting was garish. I hated the garish-ness of it. So I toned it way down. Then the leaves just looked dead... which was worse than garish. So yesterday I tried to reach a mid-point between 'dead' and 'garish.' I think I achieved it, but tell me, is a mid-point between dead and garish really a good place to be? Not so much, I'm thinkin'.

Anny-waaay. I looked at more pictures on the internet of grape leaves in autumn, and they really are pretty garish, just like the ones I took photos of. I am calling this done. I will put it in my own space in the gallery, not in the Wine exhibit. Maybe it will match someone's bathroom.

(8"x10" oil on linen... by the way, this is the second painting I have done on linen. The first one didn't make me happy either. I am going to blame the linen.)


Liz said...

Evil, wicked linen. Surely that's what makes the zombie grapes.

You know, halfway between dead and garish...

I sympathize with your frustration, but your post made me laugh. Go paint something you love!

Theresa said...

Yes, blame it on the linen! Your post made me laugh too. And I so know how things just don't gel when we force them. I'm from New England and we say get-go too! :)
It might surprise you and fly right out the door first thing.