Saturday, March 26, 2011

Maquette work

I'm not sure if anyone is really interested in this much detail about how I design a narrative tapestry or not. But this weekend, I am determined to finish off the right side of the maquette. The shepherd (above) is the main figure. I am not happy at all with the small lamb he is holding. It looks as if it leapt up there, and is not going to stay long.

So, since I don't have a lamb to pose for me, I have forced Gus into the job. I figure Gus on my arm is about the same proportion as a small lamb in a man's arms. So, though he is more interested in the doves on the roof, he and I became 'shepherd and lamb,' thanks to my iPhone and a mirror. I mainly need the position of the hand supporting the body, the shadowing, and how his feet will hang.

This will actually help me fix an area that has been bugging me a lot! Then, on with adding the background. I want to surround the shepherd with animals, but not necessarily with the typical nativity scene ones. I have been scrounging through my photo files all the past week, and have come up with a number of options. We'll soon see what comes of it! (I hope.....)


Mary said...

It is useful to see all the work that goes into planning and designing a tapestry - all before the time-consuming weaving. Congratulations on some great ideas. How does the client like it so far?

K Spoering said...

We are still ironing out some details, Mary. I have been out of town, and now they are unavailable for a week, then I'll be gone again! But we're hoping to get it all planned out soon.