Monday, March 12, 2012

Must stop for a bit....

As promised, here are photos of the progress on the two Nativity tapestries. The right side tapestry has the fox done, and I have been weaving the shepherd's clothing folds and a nearby sheep. On the left side, I am still doing fabric folds, but have also put a sleeve and a hand in, and have begun the background which includes a couple of the many lilies that will surround the female figure.

Including the lower borders, I believe I am at about the halfway point on the two pieces. Unfortunately, (as I was really in a rare weaving form) I will be taking a bit of a break to go visit my parents for a week and a half. I just am hoping the passion to work returns when I get home. Spring is appearing rapidly here, and yard and garden work will steal some of my work time soon. I am very fortunate that those I am weaving this commission for are patient... more patient than I am!


Suzy B said...

I am enjoying very much following your progress on these tapestries. Thanks for keeping us updated!
...and that is the sweetest fox. :)

Mary said...

I LOVE the fox! He is so cute, not like the reality. At least spring will mean longer daylight, maybe that will help with the work.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Your fox is beautiful! I like it very much too.
Sometimes having a break actually helps to come back with more determination to continue the work.
I think as far as the garden goes I need a stop watch. I tend to loose track of time totally.
Look forward to your next update!!